Professional Model Building

The Cars of the Future


The automobile industry is often driven by the exterior design of a vehicle where sales are concerned, and looking at a model on a computer is not always the best way to view it. Even before computer designs were available, full sized car models were used to view the product. Model builders in this industry have more than a century of history behind them, and their work has helped companies see how well the plans for their new cars will work in real life.

The majority of car models are built in clay, and they are done in full scale to show the actual size of the vehicle. Each design detail is added by the craftsmen as they complete their work. They begin by outlining the basic design of the body, and they then add and subtract clay where necessary to make it meet the design specifications ordered.

The crafting of each potential vehicle design is one of the most important steps in car manufacturing, and it helps designers see if they have a vehicle that will sell on the market. Adjustments can be made to the model as it comes to life, or the company might wait until it is finished before making changes. Appearance is very important in this industry, so executives want to view the finished product before making a hefty commitment to tool a factory. If changes are needed, the designers will make them and the model builders will execute them.

Manufacturing cars has always been an expensive proposition, but building models the same size as the product has helped them save money by avoiding designs that do not work. It is a painstaking process for the modeler, but it is the best way car companies have found to create new designs they know will be a success with buyers.