The Benefits of Architectural Models

Whether a company has taken on a commission to design a single building or a large project, they generally make a scale model to show their customers. Architectural plans are important for those who build, but most customers are not expected to read blueprints. Models are produced to make it easier to show the customer what they are getting, and they are easier to view than a set of plans that are labeled with numbers and notations. It is also a way to make the project come to life while avoiding rejection because the plans are not visually pleasing.

The models are built to scale, and large projects require the biggest scale. Some of them will be as small as a hundredth of an inch to a foot, so the builder must be able to do the math to ensure each piece is in the proper scale. It takes a lot of time and effort to get it correct, but an experienced model builder can do it as a normal part of their routine.

Large projects for architectural firms costs millions of dollars, and creating models is one way they help clients see what they are getting for their money. Model builders have the job of making plans come to life, and their work must be detailed as well as perfectly in scale to sell the project. The plans often include more than just buildings, so being able to fabricate trees, lawns and parking lots is part of their skill set.

When a model is finished, the architectural team can use it to sway a client, or they might make design changes before completing their work. Just as every other industry that uses them, model builders are an integral part of helping the company’s designers visualize what their clients will be purchasing.